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leaft for full listings and specifacations.

Single Axe

All Aroud  2PSA

Single   1LG


Ranger   RSA

Solid Side  26SSA

Ranger   RLR

Roustabout   3RBT

Snow Machine   25SM

Motorcycle  33UVT

Tandm Axle

All Around 6GT

Ranger Medium Duty    RMD

Mid-Deck  47MD

Solid Side   32STA

Tandem  RU

Extreme Duty   16EDU

Landscape  9RLS

Roustabout    8RBT

Texas 14TUT

Heavy Duty   RHD

Ranger Landscape   RGL

Ranger Trash    RTT


Wood Floor   7GTF

Deluxe Motorcycle  4MT-L10CS

Seel Floor    40ECH

Wood Floor   RC

Deuxe Steel   12CHS

Steel Floor  RCS


Medium Duty   17MEQ

Extreme Duty    18EEQ

General Duty Deck Over   52GDD

Heavy Duty Deck Over    13DEC

Hydraulic Tilt   44HDT

Hydraulic Dampened   42HDSA

Extreme Duty Hydraulically Dampened Tilt   45HDT

Flatbed   REQ



Single Wheel Tandem  FLT207

Dual Tandem 24k   FLT212


Single Wheel Tiple  FLT307

Dual Tandem 25.9k   FMAX212

Dual Tandem 20k  FLT210

Heavy Duty    FMAX222

Dual Tandem 22.5k    FMAX212

Dump Trailers

Single   43ED

Commercial Grade    20WD

Deck Over    25DOD

Geneal Duty   41ED

Commercial Grade Heavy Duty   21WD

Gooseneck Deck Over   22WFD

Economy   RDU

The Original Low Profile  24LPD

Gooseneck Deck Over Dual Tandem   23WFDT

Specialty & Custom

Pipe/Pole      50PT

Custom Designs

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